I ran so fast the time, and youth at last ran out

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Leaving Facebook the second time. The best thing to prevent one from thinking about other people is not seeing them at all. Not an absolutely effective method but at least I think it works for now. I'm tired of witnessing people's drama. I feel like Facebook is the place where nobody cares about your problem AT ALL. I've read somewhere "do not tell people your trouble since 80% (I think it's more) don't care, they're just curious and glad that you have it." So yea.
I'm learning Canto now guys, so much fun (AND SO SO SO CHALLENGING). Even a year ago, I didn't even bother thinking about learning another language since I wanted to give my all for English. I don't want to struggle everyday with people saying "your English sucks. if you want to at least get a decent job, learn proper English." What is proper English? I dont know, well, I just want a pretty participating conversation with the folks around me.
Back to Canto, which is Traditional Chinese. I, now, can somehow distinguish spoken Cantonese and Mandarin. Is it just me? Am I too biased? I do think Cantonese has more beauty than Simplified Chinese. Hah, yes, simplified and traditional.. what do you think? :)
Another summer is passing by, it's been 5 years since the day I left Saigon. A lot of things have changed, I'm glad I changed too. To be honest, the memories I had prior to the day I departed 5 years ago have been blurred much, I can't really recall a lot... Sad? no... I just regret why didn't I grow up sooner, so that I wouldnt have to make such silly mistakes and stuffs.
I once said nowhere in the world has given me such comfortable feelings of being at home like Saigon. I still do think so, but by being at home, I mean being at home with my mum and dad... not Saigon. Going back and forth every year, why do i still feel like a visitor? What happened to my Saigon? What happened to me?
Errrrr, going to the gym now, tap hay la` mappppp ??!!

Newest MV from BoA. Love her, love the song so much !

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