I ran so fast the time, and youth at last ran out

Sunday, 21 November 2010

21th Nov

My apartment is way toooo messy, i don't have time to clean it up since I am now spending the only spare time i have on internet :)) . yay me.
I love the unusual warmth in the Sunday afternoon. I don't want to wonder how come the earth is always so sunny and warm on sunday, i just want to enjoy it before the cold weather comes back and rapes me.
Last Thursday my instructor asked the class whether we wanted to participate in a group study (in order to get extra credit ) or write a research paper (as well in order to get extra credit). Maybe i'm too lazy, i think, I chose to do the research paper while thinking of which movie should I do. I went back and youtubed a bit, lol, saw bunch of trailers, then i realized Love actually trailer is so retro. But i think i love it, although it disclosures like most of the movie. think i'll do my paper on love actually, for the joy of chistmas's atmosphere.
I don't know what I am typing now, so sleepy, I had much fun last night with friends and turkey and drinks,.ect... It's my first thanksgiving here, well, in my life i think.
2 more days til thanksgiving holidays, i just need some days off.
Oh and I think my classmates made very nice jobs on their trailers. I should focus on mine too

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Chiếc xe chạy nhanh, vụt qua những con đường, rặng cây, những căn nhà. Trời cứ dần tối. Nhạc mở nhẹ, và tôi không biết tôi đang đi về đâu. Chỉ biết là cứ đi, đi hoài.