I ran so fast the time, and youth at last ran out

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


This is my art homework. The professor asked us to write a story (app. 8 lines) about our chosen color for color arrangement project. And here what I came up.

You were 7. Mom and dad took you out for an ice-cream treat. Sunset made the sky red. You were holding a strawberry ice cream; your mom held your hand and dad bought you a red balloon. You were 17. You wanted to wear a sexy red dress to your friend’s party and were forbidden by your parents. You came back to your room throwing the picture of you and your parents on that red-skied day away. The frame was broken. You were 37; you had a job as a designer for a big fashion company. You worked with models, went to party and bought as many sexy red dresses as you liked. Mom called you home because your dad passed away. You saw the picture that you threw away being put in a new frame. You looked outside your room’s window, and sunset made the sky red. Now you are 57 standing in front of your parents’ graves, holding a picture. The sun is coming down, but the red sky is never the same.