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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Social Network

The Social Network movie was in theatre on Oct. 01. Lucky me that I could watch this show today. The trailer of it was good, I would say.
Social Network trailer is using both rhetorics of genre and story. This is a drama film following storytelling style. I watched a couple of movies like this before and to be honest, I don't really like storytelling type. In Feb 2010, I watched True Legend - a Chinese movie starring Vincent Zhao and Zhao Xun- telling lifestory of Su Can (Chinese material art legend in inventing his insane form). The movie was spectacular, yet, too boring to follow till the end. Its trailer did not appeal, too. Like I mentioned, I'm not too interested in storytelling drama genre since I can know the end, everybody knows the end of the story. The trailer begins with several captures of Facebook, how people deal with life through facebook, how they communicate through facebook, and how popular facebook is. And here comes the story of it, of about how Mark Zuckerberg came up with his idea of inventing Facebook.
It's interesting because people love Facebook, people are interested in facebook, it is popular enough to be in the movie. The trailer maker knows that. The idea of "you can have 2 hours and 15 minutes experience of being a computer science major student and working with code, domain and even lawsuits" is clearly reflected in the trailer. The music, the dialogs which are brought into the trailer match with your feeling which you are expected to feel during the movie. I wanted to watch that movie when I first saw the trailer, however, like I said, I still don't like storytelling type even watching Social Network.
The casting is good, actually. I googled after the movie and knew that the real Mark didn't want himself to be in movie while he's still alive. However, Jesse Eisenberg played Mark well, a typical stubborn "a**hole* CS major guy who lacks of social skill but is smart enough to come up with better idea of connection.
I am not a Justin Timberlake's fan, thus didn't recognize him during trailer. However, Social network is smart when using that hidden rhetoric of stardom. I came to big surprise when seeing his name on screen before the show.


  1. HH có nghe nói về phim này rồi mà chưa xem trailer nữa. Ở HK ko biết bao giờ mới chiếu, nhưng mà sau khi đọc xong entry của Vi thấy muốn đi quá chừng à.
    Bài này viết ngắn gọn, súc tích, very well-written. :)
    Thank you VM >:D< Do write more nhé. xx

  2. cảm ơn HH nha, Vm sẽ cố gắng viết thêm vì dù sao Vm đang học về trailer. I wanna sharpen my arguments through writing!!
    HK chắc nhập phim về cũng ko chậm đâu, chắc cũng cỡ Sing đó, chừng tuần sau là chắc HH xem dc rồi.