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Monday, 25 October 2010

leave your world behind

Cos it's the night for the Paranormal activity!
I watched the first part when it was in theatre a year ago in singapore. Man, it scared me like even a week after that. I think the Paramount picture was really smart to think of that kind of movie. Yes, "based on true story" is old-fashioned. You have to prove it, you have to show the audiences "what? where? who? why? how?" , what shows it's based on a true story. Aw, however, my eyes really tired out during the movie... Yea and I think they put that handycam style of videography in order to attack on audience's feelings. Since you feel dizzy and headache, your mind is in weak condition, hence you're more likely to be haunted.
I watched the second part of the show this Saturday night, 10.30pm with a group of friends. They were willing to scream with me and discuss with me about the scariest part. Part 2 takes time before Part 1 happens. It explains everything why the demon things in part 1 occur. To be honest, I really enjoyed the whole show when combining these two parts together.
In addition, the trailer of part 2 scores the goal, too. I was like "Man, I have to go and watch that movie", it was short, blue/green (whatever), and makes use of the sequences of part I very well.
Oh, and I ran to the trailer of Saw Final when I was sitting in the cinema and waiting for the show to begin as well. That was... omg, really good trailer. Technology is a star, yeah. I remembered the trailer for It came from Outer space. It used the same technique. However, of course, today trailer makers are smarter. They make you feel by yourself, and you will come to the cinema eagerly.
I was about to write a review for You Again, but... again, it was... nothing to write. It was good, nice comedy which is perfectly fine for a Friday night movie. The trailer was long, yet, funny, yet, still long. Haha. But you have to watch the TV spot for You Again... you're gonna want to watch it "again , again and again"

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