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Sunday, 3 October 2010

4:30 proposal

This is the very beginning of my final project.

Final Project Proposal

The movie I plan to use for my final project is 4:30 (2006), a Singaporean movie, directed by Royston Tan, starring Xiao Li Yuan (from Singapore) and Kim Young Jun (from Korea). 4:30 uses “a lot of late night shoots”, little dialogs and more body language in order to illustrate the unspoken connection between the two main characters. This is a dramatic genre feature film starring two actors from different countries who speak different languages; hence the languages of 4:30 are Korean, Mandarin and English. It is almost a psychological movie which describes the connection between “two paths” that once crossing each other.

The trailer begins with the boy sitting in the dark with Korean voiceover. After that, the screen changes into the clock that switches into 4:30 am and there’s a serie of scenes where the boy is alone together with softly music over. The other main character only appears at two-third of the trailer. I think that trailer briefly tells us what the type and story of the movie are. However, it is not balanced since the other character appears only for two scenes. The boy, on the other hand, seizes most of the scenes of the trailer. It may lead to misunderstand of the trailer. In addition, I don’t see any connection between the plot and the title of the movie- 4:30, except for the first scene where the clock turns to 4:30 am. Yet, the trailer is supposed not to reveal a whole plot of the movie; it is at least supposed to show the connection of theme, plot and the characters. It may lead to confusion for the audiences to decide whether 4:30 is worth paying to watch. Thus, I may make the conclusion that the trailer of 4:30 doesn’t appeal to the audience. It contains discrete segments that don’t really relevant to the theme of the movie.

In order to improve it, I would like to repeat an image of 4:30 in the trailer. The boy is doing something in 4:30 am, therefore I must repeat it to evoke the curiosity of the audience. Moreover, the other character also has to be appeared more on the scene because the movie is about the connection of two people. That character is also a key character that contributes to the theme of 4:30. I am also thinking of taking voiceover in order to make the trailer not seem to be boring.


This is the trailer of 4:30

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