I ran so fast the time, and youth at last ran out

Saturday, 11 May 2013

What could be better?

than a toasty breakfast?
I've always been an easy enjoyed person. Often time, I find myself satisfied with a lot of little things. Like a beautiful sunny day, a rainy afternoon, a good song, an inspiring book, a good laugh, a little care of a random person. But a tasty breakfast always brings a marvellous feeling to me.
Bread & jam, accompanied with a cup o' hot teh; scrambled eggs and sausage, a croissant and cafe au lait, a bowl of Pho or Bun Bo and cafe sua da, a flateful of Com Tam and Saigonese iced tea, Kaya toast and hot teh with milk, the list goes on...
Ahh, why talking about food only?
These days are so gloomy in that area of West Texas. Half a month and I'll be gone for good. What do i  feel? Bittersweet, I guess.
But I'm trying my best to enjoy every little moments of the life I have here, like buying flowers, taking care of my baby cat, enjoying sunset and coffee. Sometimes I feel most people take things for granted so often, that they refuse to appreciate natural gift. Just like me.
Now, I'm thankful for the sun everyday I wake up. I'm thankful for the rain that is so rare in this part of the country. I'm thankful for bread and jam that I'm so in love with.
Half a month and I'll be gone. New life I'll have, let's hope for the best.
O' dear :)

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