I ran so fast the time, and youth at last ran out

Thursday, 22 September 2011


quick updating from my life since I don't use Facebook anymore.
i'm taking five classes and a lab every Monday afternoon, these make me busy enough plus work shift almost every evening. Wow, i feel like it's being a good idea of giving up virtual relationships with FB. I'm using YouTube in replace lol, I'm still obsessed with social network anyway.
Work is fine up till now. It's just sometimes you gotta deal with awkward customers who you can't believe they are college students. I mean, from they way they talk, and behave, how they throw food away everywhere, ... well yea, i think it happens to be the same thing anywhere. You got the well-educated and the uneducated-educated ones.
I'm having trouble with keeping up on reading stuffs, =( it's like I can't remember all at once. And I keep screwing up my quizzes on the blockbuster class. My motion sickness really makes me sick , cryyyyying so hard..=(
Ah and I'm obsessed with The 1st shop of coffee Prince guys! I feel sorry for myself not checking out this drama earlier. The OSTs are so good too. Although I hardly understand the word, but Ocean Travel is really cool, it really makes me think of the beach with blue sky and everything.. Argh, I have to go to Florida or Hawaii next year!!!!
And Lee Sun Gyun is so attractive. wohoo

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