I ran so fast the time, and youth at last ran out

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday, Sept 5,10

I'm sitting in front of hundred people inside the library now with my mind thinking of our yesterday conversation. I'm not that stupid to know that our game was really over. However, are you too stupid to know that it was NOT a game when there was only one player?
I didn't play that game. I have never, in my life, played that game. That was so waste of time. I did it, I meant it, and it was not a game, my friend. I respect your decision, and I feel lucky for me to end that "game" soon. Thank you, friend.
The view here is so gorgeous. I once listened to Autumn in Newyork and thought about America as a different world, which was not real. Now I am here, in the other side of the States, enjoying the Autumn view in texas, thinking of Newyork as a different world. Yes, my friend, the NY song which you and I are both in love with, was unreal. And yesterday was unreal.
My reality is here, in Texas, in Lubbock, in Tech, in this so-beautiful campus with many-big-viewed- windows library.
South of the Border! South of the Border. and West of the sun
Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story

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